Intarv Nigeria Limited

Our Services

Well Intervention advisory

We work with our clients to identify their well intervention needs and advise on the best efficient and cost-effective service to be deployed.

Wireline Services

We provide E-Line services for both Cased and Open Hole. We offer a wide range of specialized cased hole services which include Reservoir Management Solutions, Production Logging, Through Tubing Gas Lift, Through Tubing Plugs, and Perforation Services. We also provide Slickline services both basic and advanced slickline using the latest technologies available.

Well abandonment and Decommissioning

We provide support and advise on Well Abandonment and Decommissioning. Through our partner networks we provide a wide range of abandonment plugs for different casing and tubing sizes.

Consulting and Project Management

We work with our Clients to manage their projects involving other service providers and based on our experience as expert advisors on Well Intervention, we can help our clients coordinate and manage several teams on a project to deliver the expected results based on industry best practices without bias.

Renewable Energy Consultants

Our commitment to a better climate is the reason behind our involvement in Renewable Energy. We offer consulting and advisory services on renewable Energy projects like Wind Power, Geothermal, Solar Energy, and Bioenergy. We work with the best Renewable Energy Technology providers to deliver excellent service to our clients.

Oilfield Equipment Maintenance

We provide detailed and world class maintenance of equipment to our client’s satisfaction. We provide Pressure Control Equipment (PCE) maintenance services and commissioning of new equipment. We also maintain, repair, and provide advisory services on Electronic Panels and Wireline Logging Tools.