Intarv Nigeria Limited

About Us

Intarv Nigeria Limited is a wholly indigenous Nigerian firm set up to provide services to the Oil and Gas Industry. We are focused on providing excellent services in the areas of Well Intervention Advisory and Field Services, Well abandonment and Decommissioning, Oil and Gas Consulting and Project Management, and Renewable Energy Consulting and Advisory Services.

We offer services that meet remarkably high industry standards. We also provide an unbiased and independent opinion on the best available technology that will meet our client’s needs. We work with a number of technical partners to achieve the best possible outcome on any project that we take on.

Our team is composed of professionals with several years of Oil and Gas Industry experience and are always available to provide support and guidance in every stage of our business dealings.

Our Ethics and Communications

INTARV Nigeria Limited will carry out all our business dealings in a transparent, honest, and ethical manner in line with our Corporate culture and Code of Business Conduct.  We will be open in all our activities devoid of any shady dealings. We are committed to communicating very clearly to all Stakeholders and engaging them in a polite and respectful manner. We will offer a workplace devoid of any form of discrimination and ensure the best are given an opportunity to express their capabilities in our workplace.

Our Community Involvement

INTARV Nigeria Limited is committed to supporting the communities where we operate through thoughtfully planned and targeted Corporate Social Responsibility programs aimed at making life better for our hosts and the environment. We will support programs in Health, Educational and Skill Acquisition and also promote other worthy courses.

Our Commitment to HSE

INTARV Nigeria Limited will ensure that all our services are carried out in the most secure manner. We would not accept the exposure of our team and other third parties to dangers and risky work environment. We maintain a policy of “If It Is Not Safe, Don’t Do It” and this means that all our team members are authorized by the company to stop any job that they deem unsafe without fear of any repercussions. We will strive to keep incidents and accidents out of our operations and ensure risks are mitigated to a very acceptable state before any operation can begin.

We also believe in protecting the environment and will work in such a way that we won’t contribute to environmental degradation in any way, shape or form.